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Don’t get Rabies

I have often heard that if you get infected with Rabies, it is a horrible death but never new how. Now I do. It ain’t good.

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And here’s the most shocking thing about rabies: all the deaths could be prevented. Rabies could be eliminated in as little as five years. We have the knowledge and the tools. All that lacks is the will.

This is from the NYT article. I’m sure, for some, this is code for saying it is all George Bushes fault that Rabies has not been eliminated.


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I came accross this picture some where and have not yet come up with a caption for it. Still working on it.

UPDATE: Caption #1. Get off me, you insect.

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White Guilt

We have seen in print how ‘White Guilt’ is destroying this Country. Now you can see it.

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