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America on your mind

Hopefully, the rest of the world will finally come to it’s senses


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I just got back from voting, I did my duty. And I voted forrrrr, Hillary!! I can’t believe I said that but I really did. Excuse me but I have to go, I have to take a shower, I feel dirty.

OK, I’m back. I had to do it. I want Hillary to be nominated by the dems. I want the Dems to be blamed for stopping the hope for us all. If he were to win the nomination and be defeated by McCain then the republicans would be blamed for causing all this racism to raise its ugly head. That wouldn’t be the cause but that is what would be said. Republicans would be demonized, more than they would be anyway, for another 4 years. I should not be allowed to vote in the Dem primary anyway but more on that later.

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Woke up early this Monday morning in the usual manner; Laid there trying to figure out who I am, where I am and most importantly why I am. Then I can move on to solving more of the worlds problems and feeling good that I can lay here doing all this. The reason I can do this is because I am recently retired and am feeling very good that I have this luxury to be able to engage in this activity. For thirty years or so I had been spending this time of the morning preparing myself get out of bed and do battle with the world and now I don’t and feel really darn good about it. Then a horrible feeling comes over me. Hillary Clinton is probably waking up about now and I wonder what is going through her mind. How she drags herself out of bed to face whatever she has to. What horrible things will they say or do to me today? I felt bad for her, I really did. Maybe a little like when they were hurling insults at Sadam Hussein just before they opened the trap door, I felt terrible for him but also glad it was happening. Even though I am an ‘evil Republican’, I still care for people who don’t care for others. Maybe there is some hope for me yet.

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Hugo Chavez Cuts His Own Throat

Venezuela president Hugo Chavez says he will not send anymore crude to
Exxon (XOM). The most profitable US company has frozen $12 billion assets from
the Latin American country’s state owned oil operation to offset assets which
the government nationalized. Exxon can get oil elsewhere, at least for the time
being. It is likely to be supported in its fight by other large oil companies
who have also been bullied by Chavez.

Just an other reason not to buy gas at Citgo!

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Good Exercise

I’ve just come in from shoveling the snow, about 4″ deep, in front of my garage; an area of about 25ft X 15ft. By doing so, at the tender age of 65, I have discovered a couple of things. First, at this point in my life, I should do a little stretching first and Second, I might have turned into an ‘environmental wacko’. I had driven out of the garage and back again, so it left tire tracks which then froze. When I shoveled it was hard to get that up. So I thought I would throw some salt on it to make it easier to get off. Then I thought, why not get out the ice scraper to get the hard pack up and shovel it off; that would be some more good exercise and also it would be less harmful to the environment. Am I a great guy or what? Then I went into the house and had a nice hot cup of coffee, hoping that feeling would go away.
Actually that is a good thing to do. ‘Kyoto’ is a bad thing to do.

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