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ban comic sans.

I mean, Ban Comic Sans.

I love Comic Sans, I use it when ever I can.  I am so disillusioned, I never thought this kind of thing could happen.

 Comic Sans must Die


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I was sitting here thinking about all the people that are going to see their pay checks go down because the Social security contribution go back to where it was before it was lowered so the economy pick up, not.  A lot of republicans are complaining that O’bama is raising more taxes, which he isn’t; he is only allowing the taxes to go back were they should have been all along.  This should be a sign to the people that thought this was a good thing.  Obama was buying votes with other peoples money; again.

This also be a good lesson to be learned by the people that think there is a free ride in life.  If it is given, it can be taken away.  

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At this point in time life seems to be manageable so to speak.  The holidays are over, my emotional state is manageable, the Packers won their first playoff game and I might not see Carrie and her mother for a while.  So the New Year is off and running.  My other Blog is going down so I will be post here from now on and I plan on less politics and more of my inner thoughts. When I gather my thoughts I will post them here.

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